Physiological Pacing



What Is Physiological Pacing / Conduction System Pacing?

Traditional Pacemaker restores normal heartbeats in millions of people, but the widely using technique is placing the ventricular lead at lower Right Ventricle, which increases risk of atrial fibrillation, heart failure and mortality.

A newer procedure called “HIS Bundle pacing or Conduction System Pacing” is an alternative approach to RV Pacing. This new Pacing technique engages the normal electrical conduction system of the heart, thereby it prevents worsening of cardiac function and it is considered more physiological way of pacing the heart.

HIS bundle is an attractive site for physiological pacing and actual lead placement can be technically challenging due to its anatomic location and surrounding cardiac structures.

What Are the Advantages of Physiological Pacing?

HIS Bundle pacing offers an elegant solution to potentially avoid pacing-induced deterioration in cardiac function. Since activation occurs via the normal conduction system, it does not result in heart failure.

HIS Bundle Pacing offers a superior cardiac contraction and better outcomes with respect to improvement in quality of life, improvement in walking distance and reduction in breathlessness when compared with traditional RV pacing.

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