Heart Failure Clinic

Heart Failure Clinic offers heart failure patients quick, easy and accessible healthcare. The goal of the heart failure clinic is to provide the best in heart failure care, education and prevention, and to help patients reach and maintain a level of optimal health.

What are the symptoms of heart failure?

  1. Shortness of breath during physical activity or rest
  2. Swelling in the ankles, feet, legs or abdomen
  3. A weight gain of 1.5kg overnight or 2.5kg in one week
  4. Weakness or feeling tired
  5. Inability to perform simple daily tasks such as walking short distances or climbing a staircase

We provide detailed education about the disease process and various treatment options which includes dietary modifications, medical therapy and device implantations.

In refractory heart failure, a patient needs further evaluation for Ventricular Assist device/ Heart transplantation.

Your care may include:

  • Patient assessment, evaluation and lab analysis
  • Customized education about heart failure medications and dietary restrictions
  • Anticoagulation monitoring
  • Acute therapies for decompensated patients including IV diuretics
  • Ability to see patients urgently who have sudden changes in symptoms

Heart Failure Devices:

  1. CRT-P/CRT-D
  2. AICD

Advanced Heart Failure Treatment

CardioMEMs: A sensor is placed non-surgically in the pulmonary artery to watch for increased pressure (an early warning sign of worsening heart failure), and send data to doctors.

Heart Transplant Program: Advocate ranks among the top transplant hospitals nationwide, giving hope to end-stage heart patients when other therapies have failed.

Ventricular assist device (VAD):  A mechanical pump that supports the weakened heart to circulate blood through the body, used as long-term destination therapy or as a bridge until a transplant can occur for some patients.

-Senior Consultant Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist

-Chief, Cardiac Pacing and Arrhythmia Services

-Department of Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology

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